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Saturday, December 27, 2008


A number of my friends and associates have had their marriages end in separation and divorce. It is epidemic in this society. Why? Because of a lack of commitment going into it? A lack of support once one is in marriage? What is it? How can marriage be so unimportant, unvalued? How can we as people enter into these commitments and then walk away? I guess all I can hope is that I can remain faithful to my own commitments. I mourn the end of another marriage, the marriage of two friends very dear to me. God, help us and heal us. We are in such a mess but you are with us Emmanuel. Amen

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nativity of Our Lord

Today is the feast of Jesus' birth as celebrated in the Western Church. Praise be to God - Father Son and Holy Spirit, and honour to Mary our mother and Joseph her holy spouse.

This is our first Christmas without our beloved daughter, sister, wife, mother, and aunt Sheila. However, in Christ, in the heart of Our Father we are all one. There is no separation in life and death in the Heart of Our Loving Father.

These days I work in a big city. Every day I listen to up to ten or more languages spoken by people on the train... these are amazing times.

Loving Father, have mercy on us as we seek You. Forgive our shortcomings. Help us to see all things for what they are; Make us live in Reality. Amen.