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Monday, June 20, 2011

"Pray the Prayers" - Mother Teresa

"Pray the Prayers" - Mother Teresa

It is not enough to say the prayers, you have to pray the prayers; pray with your heart and mind.  Pay attention to whom you are speaking, pay great attention to whomever you are speaking - to Jesus, to Our Lady [Mary], to God, to the guardian angel, or to the saints - because they are listening to you.  You can speak to any saint.  They are waiting, "What is she going to say?"  Immediately you get the answer if prayer is really prayer and comes from the heart and then miracles happen.  And then you are surprised for what happens - "It is a miracle!"

What is important is not to say the prayers but to pray the prayers.  You pray from the heart, mind, soul - from the bottom of your hearts.  Saying prayers, you are just uttering words but not in your heart.  Prayer is from your heart to the heart of Jesus.  If it is [to] Mary, from your heart to the heart of Mary; or to your guardian angel, it must be from the heart to the heart.

- from 'Where there is Love there is God' - Mother Teresa, p. 18-19.