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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A St. Antoine Daniel Chaplet, Jesuit Martyr of North America

A Saint Antoine Daniel Chaplet, Jesuit Martyr of North America

Three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys, and three Glorias in worship of our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; the Trinity for whom Saint Antoine Daniel gave his life to God with tenderness and encouragement for those Indians and fellow missionaries whom he served as a priest.

[Fr. Antoine Daniel] devoted himself... indefatigably and effectively [to missionary life]
 for ten years. On 4 July 1648 the Iroquois overran the Saint-Joseph II mission (Teanaostaiaë, near Hillsdale, Simcoe County, Ontario) just as Father Daniel was finishing his mass. He encouraged the [new believers] and spoke so movingly of the truths of the faith that [they], in large numbers, asked him to baptize them. After wreaking havoc in the village, the Iroquois attacked the chapel: "Flee," said the missionary to his congregation, "and keep the faith to your dying breath." 

As for himself, his life belonged to the souls in his charge. 
He left the chapel and strode towards the enemy, who were astonished by such courage. When [their] first moment of stupefaction had passed, 
his body was riddled with arrows. A bullet struck him in the chest, passing through his body, and he fell uttering the name of Jesus. 

After desecrating his body, the Iroquois threw it into the fire that was consuming the chapel. As the first martyr of Huronia, Father Daniel, even after his death, inspired in his brother missionaries a wealth of tenderness and encouragement. The Relation for 1649 has preserved two instances of this for us.

      The Hurons had given Father Daniel the name of Anȣennen.*

~ Loving Father in Heaven, I will stand for You and Your people; Please give me faith and courage.

~ Your intentions.

~Father, that you may be better known and loved.
3x Our Father
~ Jesus, that you may be better known and loved.
3 x Hail Mary
~Holy Spirit, that you may be better known and loved.
3 x Glory Be

~ Take Lord all my liberty.  Receive my memory, my understanding, my whole will; all that I have and possess.  You have given all to me, I return it all to you.  Do with me as you will.  Amen.**

~ Holy Martyr St. Antoine Daniel, please pray for us.

+ Sign of the Cross

~Ad maiorem Dei gloriam.***
** - The Suscipe.
*** - "For the greater glory of God" - Jesuit motto.