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Sunday, May 29, 2016

"All real desire in our hearts is Prayer" - Hurnard

     [A] very important thing to remember, and which I for one have been all too prone to forget, is that all real desire in our hearts ( [and our] wills) is prayer, because God looks on the thoughts of the heart and sees what our real desires are.  It is the things which we really want, and not necessarily the things that our mouths are saying that we want, that is the real prayer which God perceives.
     Therefore when we are in contact with Him, all the desires of our hearts are really prayers, all our thoughts are creative.  No wonder our Lord urged so solemnly that we should abide in Him, have our minds stayed upon Him.  We really possess our mental faculties simply and solely that we may use them under the direction and control of the Holy Spirit.  It is this which differentiates human beings from animals, namely this faculty of communicating with God through the contact of our minds with His.

FROM: "God's Transmitters" by Hannah Hurnard, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.; Wheaton, IL. 1982.
p. 22-23.