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Saturday, July 2, 2011

FERTILITY: An inexpensive, morally acceptable alternative to in-vitro fertilization

An inexpensive, morally acceptable alternative to in-vitro fertilizationRSSFacebookJuly 01, 2011

A Cambridge University-trained chemist is offering British women an inexpensive alternative to in-vitro fertilization treatment, and one that does not raise ethical problems.

Shamus Husheer, a native of New Zealand, founded Cambridge Temperature Concepts, which offers a highly accurate method of measuring a woman's temperature and thus pinpointing the time of ovulation. The firm offers the service to women who are having trouble conceiving, at a cost of £495 ($795), and promises a refund to women who do not become pregnant.

In-vitro fertilization treatments cost about £4,500. Husheer claims that his service offers equal prospects for achieving pregnancy.

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