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Friday, April 6, 2012

EASTER: Refusing God not true freedom, says BXVI

Refusing God not true freedom, being with him and doing his will are, pope says
Benedict XVI celebrates 'in coena Domini' Mass. As he prays on the Mount of Olives, Jesus accepts his father's will, facing death with human fear, seeing "the filthy flood of all the lies and all the disgrace which he will encounter in that chalice from which he must drink." He "sees me" and "prays for me." Pope devotes today's collection to humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees.

Rome (AsiaNews) - Man is really free only if he follows his own will, free from God's will. "This is the fundamental rebellion present throughout history and the fundamental lie which perverts life.  When human beings set themselves against God, they set themselves against the truth of their own being and consequently do not become free, but alienated from themselves. We are free only if we stand in the truth of our being, if we are united to God." ... (continued)