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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hieronymite Habit: Los Jerónimos :)

Muñequitos Monasticos: Los Jerónimos

The Order of St. Jerome, usually referred to as the Hieronymites. They emerged in 14th century Spain and Italy from the amalgamation of groups of hermits (CCC 920-21). As the for the Spanish congregation, Pope Gregory XI granted them the Rule of St. Augustine at their approval. They flourished throughout the peninsula but the male communities were suppressed by the Government in the 19th century. At the petition of the Hieronymite nuns who where left unscathed, the monks were reestablished, but never regained their former numbers. Today exist only two monasteries of monks and 17 monasteries of nuns. This caricature is based on the Iberian Hieronymites. There exists or existed other congregations in Italy that had St. Jerome as their patron but I'm not sure if they use the same rule or habit as the Spanish communities.